Dr. Mario Martinez

  • [20 min] If you have a sexual thought — let it happen and let it go to the groin and bring it up and filter it through the heart with love and compassion.

What are you repressing?

Get angry first before you allow yourself to love what is difficult. Allow your body to feel angry.

To increase IgA’s — meditate and then slowly caresses and hug yourself and imagine people in your life who allowed you to be yourself.

  • [1:25:25 min] Meditation: Feel grounded and a sense of safety by feeling both your feet touch the floor. Imagine and feel your body is touching the chair. Feel your body being supported. Know that there is a wall behind your back. Feel your back touching the chair or that there is a wall behind you. Feel grateful that you are being held and supported. I am worth taking the time to go inward. I have done much for others and now I am doing self-care for myself.
    Drop your shoulders, unclench your teeth, and let your eyelids softly fold. Slightly smile like the mona lisa.
    Allow the sensations and breathe into that part of the body.
    Feel anger for that person.
    [1:36:00 min]
  • [1:38:30 min]
    Shame is healed with honor to yourself. Shame feels hot and humiliating and you feel like shrinking.
    Abandonment is healed with commitment to yourself. Abandonment feels cold and fearful.
    Betrayal is healed with loyalty to yourself. Betrayal feels hot and you feel angry.

The mind-body operates within a culture and never in a vacuum. The culture is a crucial component of the mind-body.

The immune system responds to the collective beliefs that we assimilate within a culture.

  • Honor is behavior that does not require an audience for you to feel proud of what you did. You do what is “right”.
  • Righteous anger (boundaries) is good for your immune system. It is a way of protecting ourselves.
  • The meaning in your life is what responds well with your health.
  • Having strong boundaries for yourself is empathy and compassion. For example, “Can you meet on Saturday morning? No, I have tango lessons how about 2pm.”

Centenarian Consciousness

  • think beyond the present —100+ year old says wait until you see my garden in three years
  • acknowledge their greatness — “I think my vegetable garden is great.”
  • You are what you do with your time.
  • Setting limits and assertiveness (people have a right to not like your limits, but that is their business).
  • Don’t just say “I am a good person” as a mantra — your brain needs evidence. Go over the times you were actually a good person.
  • Avoid the propensity of helplessness — find the outlier of people who are doing things differently. People are a doing well and mimic them.
  • feed forward — celebrate something that will happen in the future such as having a good dinner.


Do I keep my self-caring commitments.

How can I be better at what I do? How can I continue to learn?

How can I increase the quality of relationships that I have.

Don’t buy what your culture tells you are your boundaries. Don’t see your boundaries are rigid — see them as horizons that are expandable.



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Buddhism, mixed with my current interests in economics, privilege, immigration, etc. Email <my username>@gmail.com